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CVP DVD A Tribute to the IC&E 

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CVP DVD A Tribute to the Iowa Chicago and Eastern, Vol. 1 "Illinois"

Although the Iowa Chicago and Eastern had a short life, the railroad changed the face of the former Milwaukee Road lines in Illinois and Iowa. In this program, Marshall Beecher follows the IC&Es route from Chicago to Savanna, Illinois. In our journey, witness the variety of traffic the IC&E ran on their Chicago Sub., their gateway to the windy city. The tour will begin on the rails of the Belt Railway of Chicago, the windy city terminus for most of IC&Es trains, and will cover their movements on Metra/CPs Elgin Sub back to home rails west towards Savanna, Illinois. From heavy ethanol extras to small wayfreights, you will see many sequences of IC&E trains showcasing a variety of locomotive lashups, from solid sets of blues to mixed consists of CP Action Red and DM&E power. The sight of their all-EMD roster powering trains across the Land of Lincoln is a sight to be seen! Pre and post-CP takeover footage is featured; so dont miss one more look at a unique fallen flag in A Tribute to the Iowa, Chicago and Eastern, Volume 1: Illinois!

Running time, 113 minutes

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